​Making noise about #ActiveBeats

Connect. Be active. Take notice. Keep learning. Give.

Our ActiveBeats programme kicked off six months ago with a series of bangin' music workshops facilitated by record producer and DJ Micky Modelle [untz untz untz]. Almost 40 young people involved in our Give & Take Scheme: Core and Give & Take Scheme: Start Programme (in partnership with Northern Ireland Alternatives) in the Belfast area took part and one even got to DJ alongside Micky at a gig in Bangor.

This week, as the programme draws to a close, the young people felt it was the perfect opportunity to use all of their social media channels to make connections, promote their activities, encourage others to take notice and share their experiences to promote better wellbeing among others.

Here's a snapshot of some of the things they got up to while taking part in the Five Ways to Wellbeing (Take 5 Model) activities, but check out Facebook and the @Startprogramme on Twitter for even more information and ideas.

So what else did they get up to? Well... there was five-a-side football, dodge-ball, rounders, circuit training, fitness sessions, studio classes and the popular Olympic sport of 'paintballing'.

They also enjoyed healthy lunches and received top cooking tips from NI Alternatives volunteer (and Masterchef) Ricky Harvey.

They took part in lots of different physical activities catered towards all abilities, fitness levels and talents.

They got to meet young people in their own community and from further afield.

They learned new skills and gained confidence through the music workshops.

Finally, the young people took ownership of the programme by doing this week's social media campaign because they wanted to share their learning from it with family, friends, youth workers and others in their community.

We would like to thank the Public Health Agency and CLEAR Project for making #ActiveBeats possible and giving all 40 young people a chance to increase their wellbeing.