Include Youths first visit to Camlin- Kourtnie Dunwoody

My name is Kourtnie -  We went on a site visit to Camlin to see what type of service they provided and what levels of  employability existed at the firm. I knew nothing of Camilin before the visit.

Camlin is based in Lisburn in the Knockmore Industrial estate.  My first impression of walking in was that it was massive and the staff were lovely. I found them extremely helpful as they explained everything very well and answered all our questions.

The tour took place around two sites of the factory.  We got to see how everything worked, the machinery that was built from scratch, the engineering machines that were so precise and even Camlin’s very own own cinema.

We were the first group to use the cinema, which was a privilege.   I was also able to take home a goodie bag with branded Camlin products including a phone stand, a wrist band, pens, stress ball and other such things.

When talking to the staff I learned that Camlin looked after its staff very well. Some started with no qualifications yet Camlin trained staff throughout their time at the factory. This particular man is now a manager on one of the shop floors.  This made me feel really confident in myself as I am currently studying. I asked could I do my placement there and was told they would do all they can for me.

In all, I was overwhelmed. It was a really good experience. People travelled from as far away as Fermanagh to work there. There were also opportunities to go to different countries to work and to learn with the company.

The company is located in 20 countries across the globe. All this from what we would think is just a local firm!

I look forward to going back and speaking to the staff about opportunities for myself to be enrolled in training and eventually, hopefully a job with Camlin. Thank you to all those who gave their time to speak to us.