Coalhin's Story

Hi, my name is Coalhin Lang. I am 21 years old and I live in Derry.

I went to Belmont House school in Derry, I didn’t like school. I went to the NWRC for three years, but I dropped out because I hated working. I started Include Youth two years ago and for the first time I am committed to something. This time I want my qualifications and I am working hard to get them. The qualifications I have already achieved are:

Level 1 Employability Skills for Employment, Training and Per-sonal development- Household Skills, Preparing for Work, Health and Safety, Time man-agement, Stress management

Back Safety, Level 1 ICT, Entry Level 3 Literacy, Entry level 2 & 3 Numeracy, First Aid Certificate. The qualifications I am now working to complete are: Level 2 ICT Level 2 Communication Level 1 Application of Numbers

When I leave Include Youth in September I would like to make films in the Nerve Centre in Derry. I hope to get into the Creative Media Course. I enjoy art, painting canvases, listening to music & photography. I don’t like dishonest people who talk behind my back. I would love to travel to America.