Short-term transitional support for 16 to 24 year olds moving on from ‘core’ or in need of additional support to help them access mainstream training or employment.


"You have the freedom here not like the way you had at school - you are not stuck in the same room all day or not getting out to do and try different things and meet different people," young person finishing the Give and Take Scheme.

Transitional Support

Three months before a young person is expected to complete their time on the Give and Take Scheme a tailored 'exit strategy' is agreed between the young person and the Give and Take Scheme staff.

The original 'action plan' is revisited, activities are planned and any outstanding items are prioritised. Appropriate move on options are then explored with the assistance of the dedicated DEL Careers Service Adviser and visits are organised to employers, training organisations, schools, colleges or specialist schemes as appropriate.

The final move on choice is decided with concrete steps in the transition process agreed. A final assessment is completed to determine distance traveled and the move on takes effect.

Our transition workers are also involved supporting the young person as they get ready to exit the scheme and once they have moved on from the Scheme. The young person's mentor also continues to provide consistency and support over this transition period .