I’ve taken placement students before from other organisations, but with no support or contact after day one. What support do you offer?

All young people are supported by someone from our employability team throughout their placement. The employer also receives support and is provided with all relevant information and contact details.

Staff visit each week and telephone or email regularly to make sure everything is going well. Each month a review is arranged to help make sure the experience is mutually beneficial for all.

Often the young person's personal adviser or social worker will also offer support during the placement and in some cases accompany the young person on day one to help make sure they are settling in.

We can also deliver mentoring training prior to the placement to better prepare your staff to support younger new starts.

What age are the young people?

Most young people involved with Include Youth are 16 – 21 years old, though the START Programme provides support to those up to the age of 24.

What days or hours would it be and how long for?

We work around what best suits your business, customer and staffing needs, as well as the needs of the young person; and offer a range of possibilities for getting involved.

Days, hours and duration of placements are completely flexible, from one-off tours or taster days to more in-depth or longer term work placement possibilities. We operate all year round and are not bound by academic terms.

We can trial an arrangement and increase or decrease weekly hours or alter days depending on changing needs.

Will the young person sent to me have the right attitude and be willing to learn?

We take pride in our professional approach with employers. We listen to them and understand that a 'positive attitude' is their most often cited requirement.

All young people go through a rigorous assessment process to be deemed ready for work placement. They will have had to prove their motivation and reliability with our staff prior to a work placement being set up.

That said, they are still inexperienced young adults and their self confidence will often be low. This can sometimes seem like they are unmotivated if they act very quiet or withdrawn; but they often need encouragement and time to grow in confidence to feel comfortable in new surroundings and part of the team.

Sometimes a young person may realize that their placement is not the right career choice for them - that is okay and is a positive step in career exploration, which is why we start with a taster and trial period first.

Workplace tours also help young people with these decisions.

Will they fit in with my team or cause any trouble?

Young people going out on work placement are no different than other new starts within your organisation, except they may be more inexperienced of workplace cultures and norms.

Just like everyone, their personalities and interests will vary. The more an employer can do to properly induct and welcome a young person, as is best practice for integrating any new staff members, the quicker the young person will fit in. Our staff will be able to advise and guide on how this is best achieved.

Fears around young people 'causing trouble' tend to be based on negative media stereotyping as opposed to the reality of work experiences. Time and time again our young people make a positive impact within their host employer and they strive to make the most from the opportunity on offer.

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